Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tokyo Visit

My sister and brother in law flew in just after New Years and spent a few days in Sapporo, went skiing and experienced a bit of the snow.

I took them to Tokyo also and did the tourist thing. It has been a while since I visited the more popular Tokyo sites as every time we go back we've always stayed around Yuki's parents place.
The first day we spent a whole day at Tokyo Disneyland, luckily for us it was not as busy and it was a nice balmy warmish day considering the time of year. Chisa was in heaven and it allowed us adults to be young again, the rides were a lot of fun and Chisa kept us busy and kept wanting to ride on Splash Mountain.

Second day we left Chisa at Grandma's place and we headed off to Asakusa and visited the temple. We then walked to Sky Tree (photos are in sequence as we approached the tower), quite a spectacular sight as we got closer and closer to the tower.

The queue for tickets was 35 minutes long, which I was told was fast. The ride up was so smooth, the elevator took 150 seconds to get up to first stage (350 meters), second stage (450 meters) you have to queue up again and pay an extra 1000 yen.

The views from Sky Tree was spectacular, it gave you a perspective of how big Tokyo was, it was just like an urban jungle. We could not see Mount Fuji despite the clear beautiful day, not sure if polution played a part or it was clouds.

After Sky Tree we took of to Akihabara and it has changed a lot since my last visit of more than five years ago. All you can see is AKB48 everywhere (I am getting sick of them). We also managed to visit the famous pedestrian crossing in Shibuya and dropped off at Harajuku before heading back to Ikebukero for some Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ).

It was a great two days in Tokyo and made even better by spending it with my Sister and brother in law.


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