Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Sakura (cherry blossom) Season - Sapporo

Sakura season is always a bit later in Hokkaido depending on where you are and of course the weather. This year the colder weather has hung around until end of May. Athough there has been pockets of warmish days in between, most locals and maybe some visitors from Tokyo, enjoyed the weekend at various parks.

Early birds get all the nice spots under the best Sakura trees with tarp set up early hours, whilst the rest of the groups will come later in the day with bentos, BBQs, alcohol etc. The day is enjoyed with a lot of food and drinking chatting among friends with some maybe outdoor games.

We headed up to Maruyama Koen (west of Odori park) and packed ourselves some lunch and had a nice picnic. It was very hard with all the nice BBQ smell around while we only had sandwiches, but it tasted extra nice as Chisa our 5 yr old daughter helped prepare them in the morning.

Enjoy the photos and feel free to comment...

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