Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Suzuran Park - Sapporo

With the weather warming up there plenty of outdoor activities around Sapporo. Whilst most places are more touristy spots, we enjoyed a family day at Suzuran park a more local venue. Suzuran park is almost like a national park, you can catch the subway from Sapporo on Namboku line (green) to Makomanai. From Makomanai (35min) you need to catch a local bus (bus #102 - bus stop #2) for about 30 minutes to the second last stop. 

The area is very local and residential, but gets pretty crowded with traffic on the weekends especially if the weather is nice. You will see from the photos its a childrens haven with all the facilities for the children to play and clean amenities, oh and it only costs like 200 yen. Great outdoor nature environment for the kids and family..

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