Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Laid Back - Hokkaido

People outside of Hokkaido sometimes jokingly refer Hokkaido to "dekaido", because of its size considering Japan is such a small country. The word "dekai" means big, commonly used more casually. "do", pronounced as "dou", of course comes from the word "Hokkaido". 

People from the mainland are flocking to Hokkaido in the summer to escape the hot sticky weather. With the nice quality food at cheap prices compared to Tokyo, plus the nice alps and scenery, it's a wonder why it's such a popular destination. 

A lot of foreigners are also visiting for the very same reason, making Hokkaido such a popular place. It allows foreigners to experience the unique Japanese culture with a more laid back environment compared to the hustle and bustle of Tokyo. People have more time and are often more friendly as they are not on a hurry and less stressed. 

On that note. I have shared a few photos of northern Hokkaido I saw at amateur photo gallery. Also some food photos I took myself of a variety of nice food available. A great example of why people love it here..

Share your comments and experiences if you have been to Hokkaido. Also drop a question if you are planning to travel..

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