Sunday, February 15, 2015

Tokyo Tower And Roppongi

Tokyo by night, the old Tokyo tower day and night still looking marvelous since the new Sky Tree was built. Still a favorite for the romantics, lovely lighting..

Roppongi lights up at night as usual, attractive lights and fun night life...


  1. I was hoping to see pictures from this year's Sapporo Snow Festival ;-) I'm looking forward to hearing about the differences between living in Sapporo and Tokyo. Did Sapporo feel like a small town compared to Tokyo? Do feel you have less time due to the faster pace?

  2. Sorry was in Tokyo this year during snow festival. Yes there are are pros and cons in comparisons to life in Tokyo and Sapporo, I guess it balances off in the end. I hope you are keeping well and had a nice year end..

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