Sunday, July 19, 2015

Takao-san, Hachijoji, Tokyo

July is very hot in Tokyo so getting out of the crowded city may not be a bad idea. 

I jumped on the train this morning and started to Google a few places, and decided to just go trekking! Somewhere not too far, but far enough to feel like your away from the city. 

About a 50 minute train ride on the Chuo line rapid train and get off at Takao (most trains terminate here), change to Keio line and one stop and get off at Takaoguchi.

Now you at the foot of the mountain you can trek up to Mt Takao by 6 different trails which vary from 70-90 minutes, or take a cable car or chair lift.

I decided to chair lift it up and trek down. The view of Tokyo was pretty nice. Now in winter you are suppose to see Mt Fuji, so my chances was very slim in July. 

Trekking down was more fun than the chair lift, I would recommend to trek up as well but I was a bit tight for time.

Enjoy the photos everyone and leave some comments...


  1. Thanks for sharing pictures of your day trip, Ben. I love seeing quaint little villages and the people who are so fortunate to live in such places. I see people walking with towels around their necks, that must mean it's fairly humid, too.

    I just discovered a channel on TV called NHK World. Recently, I watched a show that featured the town of Biei in Hokkaido. It was a reminder that I should visit the Sapolife blog.

  2. There are many areas across Japan that gives the feeling of going back in time,which is what I like so much about Japan. The weather was particularly hot that day, but once under the tree cover it was nice and cool.

    Thanks for your comments...