Friday, August 21, 2015

Shakotan - Hokkaido

Shakotan is a place worth visiting west of Hokkaido, just a 2hr drive from Sapporo. We rented a car and it was a comfortable drive passing by Otaru.

The views are breathtaking with some nice seafood as the attraction, uni (sea urchin) is a specialty in the area.

After all the sightseeing and walking you can have a dip in many of the onsens around with a sunset view, which is what this area is known for.

Enjoy the pics


  1. What a coincidence... I just saw an episode on the Shakotan peninsula on NHK World last week. They mentioned Shakotan Blue, the color of the beautiful coastal waters there. The pictures look great, especially the shots of the food. My son and I love salmon eggs but it's exceedingly expensive for us.

  2. Hope you get a chance to visit and enjoy plenty of Salmon Roe (ikura). Yes it was great views..